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At the law firm of King & Kelleher, LLP, we help Bay Area patent holders pursue damages for unlawful infringement. Located in downtown San Francisco, our attorneys advise inventors and companies who own the rights for design, utility and plant patents. Since 1983, we have helped businesses in a variety of cases in state and federal courts, but primarily in patent cases. We have litigated for clients in software, hardware, space technology, consumer goods, agriculture and other industries to protect their assets. We are usually litigating against the largest law firms in the country. We accept relatively few cases in order to be able to focus our energy on our clients’ needs. We have extensive experience litigating in courts throughout the United States including Texas, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Colorado and others.

We help inventors protect and assert patent rights

A patent holder has the right to exclude others from using, producing, selling, offering for sale or importing the patented item. Though the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not provide help with patent enforcement, a patent holder who wishes to assert their ownership rights can seek help in federal court.

As your legal team, we will collect documentation of your patent’s validity and the infringer’s actions. We will also search for witness testimony, communications and other evidence that may strengthen your case.

We are a respected and known law firm and will help you with unlawful patent infringers

When litigation is necessary, our lawyers mount a strong and aggressive strategy to protect your rights.  We work by the hour or according to “exotic” fee agreements, including contingency fee agreements.

A federal judge or jury can award different types of damages for patent infringement, including:

  • Reasonable royalties In general, royalties should be approximately equivalent to the amount of money a patent owner would have received if the infringer had purchased rights to license the patented work.
  • Lost profits It may be possible to recover profits the infringer earned by unlawfully using the patented work, plus any profits the patent holder lost due to the infringement.

We will calculate the amount of damages appropriate for your case and will work to help you realize those damages.

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Located in San Francisco, California and serving patent holders throughout the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, the attorneys at King & Kelleher, LLP seek damages for patent infringement in litigation across the U.S. To schedule a meeting where you can speak with a lawyer and learn about your legal options, call us at 415-781-2888 or contact us online.