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California Intellectual Property and Patent Attorneys

Safeguarding the businesses of San Francisco and Silicon Valley
At the law office of King & Kelleher, LLP, we are dedicated to helping the businesses of San Francisco and Silicon Valley in the areas of intellectual property and patent law. We are a small, boutique law firm that offers highly effective legal help at a reasonable fee to clients. Our goal is to protect your business and its ideas from those looking to unjustly profit from your hard work. We make sure that anyone who walks through our office doors with an original idea that they want to protect gets the results they deserve.

Securing your rights
When you come to King & Kelleher, LLP, you receive focused attention from lawyers who have more than 55 years of experience in patent and intellectual property law. Our attorneys find the best solutions to protect your ideas and business, and we are prepared to go to court for you if necessary. Patents and intellectual property law are sensitive, complex subjects, and you need attorneys who have the appropriate knowledge to secure your rights to your ideas in the future. At King & Kelleher, LLP, we can provide you with that security without charging exorbitant legal fees. At our firm, you will always receive:

Areas of practice
King & Kelleher, LLC is fully prepared to help the businesses of San Francisco and Silicon Valley in the following areas:

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