Understanding the value of your ideas
Intellectual property originates in the mind of the creator. This type of property receives distinct treatment by the law, and it often gains a special place in the heart of the concept’s architect. The attorneys at King & Kelleher, LLP have more than 55 years of experience passionately protecting ideas and preserving their potential financial value through:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Reaping the rewards of innovation through patent
Our attorneys understand the thrill an inventor feels when witnessing the transition from concept to paper to product. We also completely agree with the law that you should have the opportunity to enjoy the financial rewards resulting from your hard work. Our attorneys conduct a thorough patent search. After determining that your invention is novel, unobvious and useful, we register your unique design with the U.S. Patent Office. If another company tries to steal your idea, we are immediately by your side demanding that it cease unauthorized use and pay you full compensation.

Protecting your art products through copyright
You put your soul — and possibly a lifetime commitment — into your art. Nobody has the right to take your work from you, but all too often they do. In addition to pilfering your financial benefits, infringers can harm the integrity of your work by unscrupulously using, producing, duplicating or distributing your art with impunity. Covering a wide spectrum of talents, copyright protects books, photographs, musical compositions, computer programs, movies and many other types of work product. Our attorneys register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office and defend it against unauthorized use.

Preserving your business image through trademark
A company’s unauthorized use of your branding, logo, picture or design creates confusion that can tarnish your business’ reputation. Even a product with a similar look can negatively affect your image. Our attorneys file your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If infringement occurs, we immediately step in to help you save your business by obtaining an injunction against the infringing party and pursing all available legal actions.

Safeguarding the trade secrets of your business
A formula, recipe, method, process or plan is the cornerstone of your business success. When these unique functions are revealed, your company’s value is severely compromised. Our attorneys work with you to protect your business secrets through nondisclosure agreements and employment protocols. If an employee or outside party releases protected information, our attorneys are there to help.

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